Unique Designz offers the full spectrum of marketing services: print and web design, writing, editing, photography, training, consulting and social media design/management. And as a marketing professional with more than 30 years experience, I can provide design, content creation and ongoing guidance that will help you strategize, define your brand and hone your message.

I am keenly aware that design is so much more than making things “pretty.” I am adept at packaging visual information in a way that is creative but also clear, direct and impactful. I strive to make each individual design piece stand out, yet at same time mesh with your full suite of work in a way that strengthens your brand.

My company specializes in marketing focused on heritage, agriculture, education, tourism and advocacy. As a life-long resident of Southern Maryland, I have in-depth knowledge of this area, its heritage and culture, which is important in the kinds of work you do.

I also have extensive experience working with companies that have complex and demanding marketing needs, including multiple branded programs/events/projects, sub-brands and multiple stakeholders. I am flexible in how best to collaborate—I often function as an extension of a company’s staff or as an adjunct to a company’s in-house design department.